Carbon Sequestration

We’re all carbon-based life forms.  Plants, humans, elephants, bacteria and so on, are all based out of the element of carbon.  This fact is incredibly important when considering the capacity of the living soil to capture and store carbon from the atmosphere.  This process is called carbon sequestration.  Plants capture and store (sequester) carbon as they grow as well, but did you know that the living soil also provides this valuable service?

Climate Action Now! works with public and private communities to remove pavement to expose the living soil.  When the soil is exposed, gardeners can work compost and organic matter into the soil, providing food to beneficial bacteria and other decomposers.  Those decomposers (like bacteria, worms and rolly pollys) poop out their waste which is actually nutrient-rich compost.  Compost is full of carbon (remembering that we’re all carbon-based life forms) and pending healthy soil management, the carbon is captured and stored in the living soil.

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