The transformation from grey pavement to green sidewalk gardens is a total win for the property owner and the neighborhood.  Whether you remove a little or a lot, the feel of the space totally changes.  Birds come back to the neighborhood, butterflies, and bees stop by to forage.  Cultivate life in the sidewalk today!

Why Sidewalk Gardens?

Sidewalk Garden Benefits:

  • Sidewalk gardens make oxygen and clean the air

  • Sidewalk gardens restore watersheds and aquifers (water found below ground)

  • Sidewalk gardens reduce pressure on the City’s combined sewer system

  • Sidewalk gardens cultivate valuable habitat for local wildlife

  • Sidewalk gardens create opportunities for neighbors to gather in the public right-of-way, sustaining community interaction and communication.

  • Sidewalk gardens create a more livable city for all humans and creatures alike

Additionally, sidewalk gardens sequester (take up and capture) carbon into the soil acting as a “carbon sink” helping to offset carbon emissions.

CAN! Sidewalk Garden Services:

If you live in another neighborhood beyond the Bayview and the Richmond District, you can still join the movement to green the public right of way in San Francisco.  In collaboration with residents, CAN! staff coordinates the following services for a fee:

  • Garden Design, permitted dimensions, plant species selection and placement of both curb and property-side gardens.

  • Secure necessary permits ($198-$266 SFDPW-BUF Sidewalk Landscape Permit Fee)(SFDPW Sidewalk Landscape Permit)

  • Execute pavement cutting, demolition, and removal

  • Secure edging treatment and signage installation

  • Facilitate soil placement, physical planting, cover cropping, annual seeding, mulch placement, initial deep watering

  • Tree planting (SFDPW Tree Permit)

  • Install pavers or permeable driveways, boulders, etc.

See The Difference



Get your sidewalk garden

Promoting residential sidewalk gardens is CAN!’s specialty!

Are you interested in creating a sidewalk garden in front of your property in San Francisco?
Work with CAN! today and join the movement to build community and habitat in the sidewalks.

Costs for sidewalk gardens varies depending upon the size and scope of work of each individual sidewalk garden. CAN! provides Sidewalk Garden installation services to all neighborhoods in San Francisco. CAN! sidewalk garden installation costs depend on the size and scope of work of your project, the number of participants and site location.  Check out our paver installation page to learn how to beautify your home while providing permeability while maintaining hard surfaces. Discounts can be given to participants who recruit 5 or more neighbors to participate in greening (pending size and scope of work).
For more info about regulations, check out the SFDPW Sidewalk Landscape Permit.  For detailed price breakdown and quotes, email Markos Major, CAN! Director today.
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