Sidewalk Gardens

The transformation from grey pavement to green sidewalk gardens is a total win for the property owner and the neighborhood.  Whether you remove a little or a lot, the feel of the space totally changes.  Birds come back to the neighborhood, butterflies, and bees stop by to forage.  Cultivate life in the sidewalk today!

Why Sidewalk Gardens?

Sidewalk Garden Benefits:

  • Sidewalk gardens make oxygen and clean the air

  • Sidewalk gardens restore watersheds and aquifers (water found below ground)

  • Sidewalk gardens reduce pressure on the City’s combined sewer system

  • Sidewalk gardens cultivate valuable habitat for local wildlife

  • Sidewalk gardens create opportunities for neighbors to gather in the public right-of-way, sustaining community interaction and communication.

  • Sidewalk gardens create a more livable city for all humans and creatures alike

Additionally, sidewalk gardens sequester (take up and capture) carbon into the soil acting as a “carbon sink” helping to offset carbon emissions.


Building a sidewalk garden may be more affordable than you think.  And frequently government supported programs provide the bulk of the investment.  In general, pavement removal costs per square foot decrease as the garden area increases.  Email CAN! to get a quote to build your sidewalk garden today.

See The Difference



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