Markos Major, Climate Action Now! Founding Director

Markos is a seasoned restoration ecologist, environmental educator, and human right’s advocate. His efforts have focused on the cultivation of diverse systems (both social and environmental) that support biodiversity, cultural diversity, and ecological resilience.

Markos created Climate Action Now! to connect the dots between public schools, local government, and ecosystems services.  Having spent the last 13 years working for City agencies and local environmental organizations, including the SF Zoo, SF Department of the Environment, SF Public Works Bureau of Urban Forestry, SF Botanical Garden and the SF Unified School District, Markos has created an organization that addresses needs not currently met by other agencies.

A graduate from UC Santa Cruz in Environmental and Community Studies, Markos also hold certificates in Ecological Horticulture from the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Foods System (CASFS) and a certificate in Cultural Landscape Preservation from UC Berkeley Extension.

Mel Buslach

Mel began her gardening & farming career after spending 3 years traveling. It was during her travels to Sicily,  visiting farms and spending extended time in nature, she realized her desire to put down roots, both metaphorically and physically. From Sicily she headed to California where she spent 3 years living on a farm, learning the ins and outs of farming from a master gardener. Needless to say, her appreciation and wonder for plants only grew.

As an intersectional activist, Mel has a fervent passion for environmental justice. She feels incredibly lucky for the opportunity to share information and work with youth on matters which are both dear to her heart and crucial to the future of all living things.

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