Sunset Boulevard Reforestation Program 

The Program:

The CAN! Sunset Boulevard Reforestation Program is a collaboration between Climate Action Now!, SF Public Works and the Office of SF District 4 Supervisor Katy Tang.

This community-led urban forestry program is cultivating the next generation of climate leadership in San Francisco. 250 trees will be planted by community volunteers during several “Community Tree Planting Parties”


The next work party will be held on Saturday, January 26, 2019 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  • Join your neighbors and fellow volunteers to physically plant out hundreds of trees in the Sunset Boulevard Medians.

  • Trees from California will be prioritized with examples of other diverse trees from around the world.

Funding and Partners

This reforestation program is funded by the California ReLEAF “Social Equity Grant Program”

with funding coming from the California State Department of Forestry and Fire
Protect (CAL FIRE) via the California Climate Investments Program


The funding is intended to incorporate multicultural communities in Urban
Forestry projects and specifically, awards grants to facilitate inclusion of
disadvantaged communities as defined by CalEnviroScreen 2.0.

The Sunset District is not considered “disadvantaged” in this rubric, however,
CAN! is committed to ensuring multicultural, multi-generational and diverse
engagement in the physical planting and ongoing volunteer-led establishment of the new trees.

Students from George Washington High School will receive stipends to learn about urban forestry, climate change and biodiversity,  while participating in a dynamic internship funded by the California ReLEAF Social Equity Grant Program as well as funding from the SF Public Utilities Commission project learning partnership grant.

#12 student interns will receive a stipend of $1,000 for participating in the
year-long program whose focus ranges from solar design, installation and
maintenance to urban forestry, bee keeping, organic agriculture and soil building.


We Need You!

100 additional trees will be planted with the support of community members like
YOU! And those trees come in 3 sizes: Emergent Layer, Canopy and Understory.
As we cultivate our urban forest, you can contribute and be a part of the climate

To help support the ongoing planting and maintenance of the newly planted urban
forest, CAN! is recruiting supporters to invest in the project.

Buy a tree for the Sunset Medians in honor of a loved one.
100 “honorary trees” will be planted in addition to the 250 trees funded through
the State CAL FIRE resources.

Buy a tree in honor of your children’s graduation, or in honor of a loved one.
A plaque with the name of the individual will be placed on the corner of 37th at
Pacheco honoring community members, neighbors and families whom have
invested in supporting this invaluable community resource.

Support biodiversity, support your community, capture carbon and sink it into the

#10 Emergent Layer: (capturing 25 tons of carbon)
#2 Monkey Puzzle Trees – Araucaria araucana @ $2,000/each
#5 Norfolk Island Pines – Auraucaria heterophylla @ $555/each
#3 Chilean Wax Palm – Jubaea chilensis @ $1,111/each
#65 Canopy Trees: (capturing 120 tons of carbon)
#20 Southern Magnolia – Magnolia grandiflora @ $300/each
#25 New Zealand Christmas Tree – Metrosideros excelsa @ $250/each
#20 Channel Island Oak – Quercus tomentella @ $350/each
#25 Understory Trees: (capturing 22 tons of carbon)
#25 Toyons – Heteromeles arbutifolia @ $150/each

#100 more trees = $35K ADDITIONAL FUNDS RAISED
*(minus the costs of the trees/stakes and tree bags).

The Trees We Plant

  • The tree species featured in the project are mostly California native trees (both from Northern and Southern California and the Channel Islands)


  • Additionally, many trees have been selected from the southern hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand) due to their drought-tolerant nature.


  • These climate- adapted species have been approved by the State and Municipal Governments to ensure that the tree canopy will be robust, diverse and vital, even in the face of California’s changing climate.


Building a sidewalk garden may be more affordable than you think.  And frequently government supported programs provide the bulk of the investment.  In general, pavement removal costs per square foot decrease as the garden area increases.  Email CAN! to get a quote to build your sidewalk garden today.

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