Consultation Services

CAN! provides Landscape Design, Environmental Education, Restoration Ecology and Cultural Landscape Preservation services to governments, non-profits and private landowners.

Landscape Design Services

Currently CAN! provides landscape design services ONLY for participants willing to remove pavement on site.

If there is interest to perform landscape installation, CAN! provides hands-on garden education services with the homeowner/property manager, but does not provide installation services without pavement removal as a key component.

Want to remove pavement?

Contact CAN! staff today!

Cultural Landscape Preservation

Cultural landscape preservation is a tool to save historically significant plantings for present and future generations to enjoy.  Cultural Landscapes can range from cemeteries to Victorian home gardens.  Whether planted by a prominent landscape architect, or whether the botanical materials represents a culturally significant lens to our rich past, Cultural Landscape Preservation is a gift to all generations.

Email CAN! director, Markos Major to learn more, or to get your property evaluated professionally.

Ecological Restoration Services

The earth wants to heal itself, so although restoration of an ecologically damaged site can seem overwhelming, remember that nature wants to find a way to heal.

Climate Action Now! utilizes various ecological principles and practices to partner with nature to help the land and water heal itself.  Whether on the sidewalk, in a schoolyard or in a median between two busy streets – Climate Action Now! has the skills, drive and connections to facilitate ecological restoration of your site.

Contact CAN! to begin healing the patch of earth which you manage today.  We’re here to provide support to private homeowners, public agencies and organizations to achieve environmental and ecological restoration goals.

For more information about CAN!’s Landscape Design, Restoration Ecology, Cultural Landscape Preservation and Environmental Education Services, email ClimateActionNowCA@gmail.com to get started today.

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