Organic Agriculture

From apples to zucchini, we are totally nuts about fruit production!  Working closely with school garden educators, school Parent Teacher Student Associations (PTSAs) and the larger community, CAN! is a leader in the field of organics promotions.

All CAN! school partners have vegetables and fruits grown on site.  Students participate in the cultivation of organic food in CAN! gardens, promoting healthier eating habits.

Studies have shown that exposure to the full life-cycle of plants (from seed to compost) increases the likelyhood of students’ openness to consume vegetables, which of course promotes general health and well-being.

Organic farmers and gardeners use compost instead of petroleum-based fertilizers.  They work with ladybugs and parasitic wasps instead of using chemical pesticides.  And they use neem oil and safer soap instead of using petroleum-based herbicides.  Join the movement today and dump that RoundUp into your local Hazardous Waste facility.

Your health is your wealth, and although some organic food can cost more money up front, the cost savings come back 10 fold leading to a life full of health for yourself, your farmer and the earth.

Interested in cultivating organic food at your school?

Contact CAN! today.

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