CAN!'s 2022 year-end appeal.

Donate to our one-acre project to add trees and plants and remove asphalt and cement.

ONE ACRE PROJECT – 43,560 Ft2 Increased Permeability in San Francisco


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The Details:

There are 43,560 f2 are in an acre.

So, imagine an acre of land covered in concrete and asphalt … hardscapes which choke the soil’s ability to capture carbon, completely destroying ecosystems and the capacity of plants to create habitat and make oxygen.  But we’re changing that with your help!

To date, CAN! has removed 39,450 ft2 of pavement.

And with our existing contracts this year, we’ll remove another 3,100 ft2 (2,700 ft2 @ Dolores Huerta Elementary School and another 400 ft2 in Lakeside neighborhood).

With these two new projects we’ll be creating new tree basins and basin expansions along the Ocean Avenue Business Corridor and parts of Junipero Serra Boulevard, as well as creating a huge stormwater management facility and raised organic veggie beds for DHES students to grow food and learn about nature’s cycles.

That will bring our total removal to 42,550 ft2 pavement removal by the end of the year – making us just 1,010 f2 away from reaching an acre of pavement removal in San Francisco!

Join the movement and help us reach 1 ACRE INCREASED PERMEABILITY IN SF by 2023!

Please join the movement to increase permeability where we live and learn in SF!

If 1,000 PEOPLE DONATE $43.56 we CAN! reach our goal!

These are the projects that your donation will DIRECTLY facilitate:

100% College Preparatory Academy:

  • 5 new street tree basins
  • Removal of 180 ft2 of pavement:  6’x6’ = 36 ft2 each x 5 = 180 ft2
  • SFPW BUF Street Tree Permits required.
  • Partners:  School Owners, Denise, CalFire, California ReLeaf

Project Cost:  $7K

3rd Street @ Revere Biodiversity Hub:

  • 1 new large garden planting area
  • Removal of 175 ft2 of pavement, placement of one large Coast Live Oak (or other large canopy tree), boulders, bench, pollinator gardens and educational signage.
  • SFPW BUF Sidewalk Landscape Permits required.
  • Partners:  Neighbors (Lawrence Cuevas, Chris Buck, etc.)

Project Cost:  $6K

Quesada Gardens Initiative:  36 ft2 Sidewalk Landscape:

On the top of the Quesada Gardens, on Newhall @ Quesada, we’ll remove 12’x3’ pavement, plant native perennials and other drought-tolerant plant materials:  36ft2

Project Cost:  $3K

Mission Education Center – 5 New Street Trees + Sidewalk Garden Replanting:

Pavement Removal for 5 new street tree basins.

6’x6’ = 36 ft2/each x 5 = 180 ft2 total (plus one basins expansion @ 20 ft2 removal) = 200ft2 total removal @ MEC.

Project Cost:  $8K

James Lick Middle School – Environmental Education + 3 New Tree Basins:

With a $4K match from the Noe Valley Garden Tour, we’re raising $12K more to rebuild our CAN! Youth Ecological Stewards (CAN!-YES) middle school environmental education program.

Project Cost:  $14K

Denman Middle School + Lawton K-8 Street Tree Replacements:  11 Street Trees Planted

Working with school administration, staff, educators, students and families, CAN! will replace dead street trees at two CAN! partner schools.  At Denman Middle School, we honor the contribution of visionary and wild horticulturalist, Bonnie Ora Sherk.  Staying in line with her vision of California native plantings for habitat development and beauty, we’ll replace with Ceanothus, or Toyon as the landscape calls, deep in the understory of the Quercus agrifolia (Coast Live Oak) planting through Bonnie and many others’ efforts at this site.  Ms. Sherk’s legacy lives on here, and we’re excited to be able to support maintenance of this important cultural landscape.

At Lawton we’ll replace several failed Strawberry Trees (Arbutus ‘Marina’) working with the 6th grade science team, engaging the students in the empowering act of tree planting!

Project Cost:  $6K

TOTAL COST:  $43,560



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