Composting is nature’s way of recycling.  From banana peels to dirty paper towels, here in San Francisco we can compost lots of stuff.  With the Recology industrial composting facility, Jepson Prairie Organics, in Vacaville California, San Franciscans can put useful organic material into the green bin for later reuse on farm fields throughout California.

Composting in schools is an incredible way to capture resources, while cultivating the minds of young environmental leaders.  CAN! supports school composting programs by promoting composting in the garden as well as promoting the use of the green cart in the lunch room.

Learning about the various decomposers (creatures like worms, rolly pollys and slugs and snails) that help to break down, digest and poop-out valuable compost is a fun activity for youth of all ages.  Of course, fungi and bacteria do their part as well!  Worm bins, 3-bin active composting systems and passive systems are all utilized in CAN! educational gardens our our partner schools.

Composting is something that everyone can do right away that greatly supports the climate.  Since during the rot process a lot of methane is released, composting in an open-air environment (with lots of Oxygen) helps to keep methane levels lower than if organic material were to enter the landfill.  Organic material that makes it to the landfill doesn’t get reused and ends up releasing even more methane into the atmosphere.  Since methane is 80 times worse for the climate than Carbon dioxide, composting at home and at school is a wonderful way to support a healthy and resilient climate.

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