Washington High School


Washington High School

Thanks to funds from the District 1 Office of SF Supervisor Supervisor Sandra Fewer and Supervisor Eric Mar in 2015-2016 andCAN! has been able to offer George Washington High School (GWHS) students a chance to cultivate (and eat) their own organic vegetables and even honey.

Students participate in habitat restoration garden activities on campus as well as planning culturally engaging activities for fellow students, staff and the larger community to become more physically active, healthy and earth-conscious.  George Washington High School is a huge campus (4 city blocks) and the school boasts over 2,300 students.  CAN! is planting roots at George Washington High, cultivating youth leadership and expanding into the Richmond District with the Richmond District Sidewalk Garden Project.  With the CAN! Green Jobs program, GWHS students have performed outreach for the Richmond District Sidewalk Garden Project while learning valuable skills in outreach, community engagement, communication, planning, design and horticulture.

Support the CAN! garden programs today and help us expand at GWHS.

Green Jobs for Youth


Green Jobs for Youth

In 2015 the CAN! Bayview Watershed Project began partnering with the Northridge Cooperative Community Garden (NCCG) to recruit neighbors to participate in sidewalk garden development in the Bayview.

Hiring NCCG youth interns to promote the CAN! Bayview Watershed Project was integral part of the success of the program, providing youth with educational opportunities and green jobs to better their community and the local environment.   The NCCG youth interns recruited 43 residential participants to participate in the CAN! Bayview Watershed Project in 2015-2016.

Now, along 8 blocks in the Bayvew, daisies, sages and other drought-tolerant plants line the sidewalk instead of cement and asphalt.

Participating Streets in the CAN! Bayview Watershed Project include:
Hudson Avenue, Jerrold Avenue, Mendell Avenue, Innes Avenue, Pomona Street, Latona Street, Bayview Street (encompassing both Islais Creek and Yosemite watersheds).

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