Here in California we host many world records in botany.  The world’s tallest tree (Sequoia sempervirens – the Coastal Redwood) and the world’s most massive tree (Sequia giganteum – the Giant Sequioa) are found here.  The worlds oldest trees (Pinus longaevathe Bristlecone Pine) living over 4,000 years live nearby in Nevada.

But who cares?  Why does diversity matter biologically?

Biodiversity is the variety of living things found in any given place.  The biodiversity of any given ecosystem (or habitat/home for wildlife) differs from place to place.  In general, a biodiverse habitat is a healthier and more robust environment.

We at Climate Action Now! measure our success in biodiversity.  

Having a garden with many different types of plants can help to support a large diversity of creatures, from pollinators to people.  Start thinking about biodiversity in your garden, your schoolyard and your sidewalk today.  Make the effort and nature will return the favor.

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