Live in the Bayview in San Francisco?

This coming fall of 2017, CAN! will be recruiting participantsto build sidewalk gardens in your neighborhood!

Thanks to generous investment from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, CAN! is able to provide San Francisco residents with opportunities (often times at very little to no cost) to remove pavement in front of their properties on the sidewalk.

Bayview Watershed Project

This year (2017-2018) CAN! is expanding our residential sidewalk garden programming into the Bayview and Richmond Districts.  Participants will be recruited from the Islais Creek, Yosemite and Richmond watersheds to participate in the program for FREE.

CAN! is recruiting 33 neighbors in the Bayview (AND 33 more neighbors in the Richmond District) to take part in a (nearly) FREE program to build a sidewalk garden for residents!

Remove Pavement with CAN!

Upon receipt of payment for the SFDPW-BUF Sidewalk Landscape Permit, residents participating in the Bayview and Richmond District Watershed Projects receive the following services for no cost, thanks to the investment from the SFPUC:

  1. Sidewalk garden design and planning

  2. Securing City Permits

  3. Cement Removal

  4. Soil Placement

  5. Edging Treatment Installation

  6. Plant Procurement

  7. Signage Installation

Requirements for participation:  

Residential participation in CAN! SF Watershed Restoration projects is contingent upon a few basic requirements:

  1. Participants must be located in the Bayview or Richmond District neighborhood.

  2. Participants must pay the SFDPW-BUF Sidewalk Landscape Permit fee ($198-$266/participant) – exceptions made for eligible households already receiving government assistance.  If the home is rented the landlord must pay for the SFDPW-Bureau of Urban Forestry Permit. Sidewalk Landscape permits must be signed by and approved by the landlord of all participating properties.

  3. A minimum recruitment of 5 participants per city block is preferred.  Neighbors immediately adjacent to each other especially prioritized.

  4. Residents must participate in one or more of the CAN! SF Watershed Project Community Workdays to receive services from CAN!. Cement removal often takes place in fall, followed by a community-planting day usually on Saturdays.

  5. Participants must fill out and return the CAN!-SF Watershed Project Owner Agreement ….LINK TO CAN!-SF Watersheds Owner Agreement Form

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